Dr. Marco Toia

Dentist, specialized in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery: affirmed surgeon and implantologist, international speaker of a well-known implant company, proponent of advanced techniques such as placing implants without opening the gum flaps (Flapless), of techniques for bone regeneration where normally the implant would be limited.

In recent years he has specialized and has become a speaker about a dental implant technique that involves, initiating from the study of a computer T.A.C.; the guided positioning of implants by means of the Flapless technique (scalpel-free surgery).

Since 2013 he has collaborated in research at the University of Malmo, Sweden, and in his clinic in Busto Arsizio he also carries out several case studies about the improvement of clinical practice.

Since 2013 he has acted (for legal cases) giving a judicial opinions as an Official Technical Advisor for the Court Busto Arsizio.

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