Dr. Alessandro Toia

Director of Private Health, Dr. Alessandro Toia has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and a specialization in Dentistry at the University of Bologna.

He attended various training courses about prostheses at New York University, various courses at the periodontology department at the University of Goteborg in Sweden under the guidance of Prof. Lindhe.

He attended some courses about complete dentures prosthesis at the University of Turin with Prof. Preti and courses with Prof. Mongini about Gnathology. He has organized several courses at his own studio in Periodontics, Implants and Gnathology held also by famous professionals.

He has worked for 10 years in the prosthetic department at the Dental Clinic of Milan (ICP institutes). Expert and speaker in prostheses with regard to cosmetic prosthesis such as veneers, all-ceramic crowns both on teeth and on implants.

Currently he is engaged in taking impressions and in the creation of artefacts by a computerized system (CAD-CAM). At Toia Dental Clinic he is responsible for Prosthetics (Crowns – Bridges – Veneers etc.).

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