Periodontics is concerned with the health and maintenance of the gum and bone tissue around the tooth (periodontal).

Periodontics also takes care of diseases affecting the periodontium, these are generically called “periodontitis” or “periodontal diseases”.

It is estimated that 70% of the population suffers from a more or less accentuated degree of such diseases, regardless of age. With “periodontal disease” you lose “strong attachment” (causing the lowering of the gum towards the root of the tooth) and alveolar bone. These “periodontal” anatomical changes are consequences of the disease and lead to two possible clinical manifestations:

  • Gum Recession: the lowering of the gums which makes the teeth longer;
  • “Periodontal” pocket: gums in the correct position, but the bone and the attachment have moved further down the root, consequently forming an empty space called “periodontal” pocket.

The main cause of “periodontal” disease is the improper oral hygiene. The presence of plaque causes/provokes a “periodontal” disease.

“Periodontal” disease does not improve or worsen in the absence of plaque. It is not true despite collective imagination that you lose your teeth due to the “periodontal” disease.

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