Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that studies the anomalies of position, formation and development of the teeth and jaw bones.

It aims to prevent, eliminate or diminish such anomalies maintaining or restoring the organs of mastication and facial aspect in to the most possibly correct position.

Orthodontics consists substantially in two types of therapy that are very often consequential.

Orthopaedic therapy: a phase of the therapy which operates on the growing child’s jaw. Principally it consists of removable/mobile equipment.

Orthodontic therapy: a phase of the therapy in which the dentist operates on the teeth to correct their positions. Sometimes it may be necessary to surgically extract the tooth/teeth hindering the alignment and the articulation of the others or the correct “dent-facial” position or to extrude embedded teeth.

It is advisable to have the first visit when aged between 3 to 6 years old when all the baby teeth have come through. The purpose of this is to intercept “in advance” any dento – skeletal disharmonies that, if corrected during the growth, can be successfully solved.

The orthodontic treatment can last from six months to two years. Sometimes, depending on the types of malformations, such timing could be longer.

We mainly use Bracket appliances.

Fixed orthodontic treatment is carried out through two systems:

  1. The use of the latest generation brackets fixed on the teeth, both in steel and ceramic.
  2. The use of the Invisible Orthodontics “Invisalign®”, which involves the use of a series of transparent aligners, assisted by a computerized planning. N.B.tThis type of orthodontics is not feasible with all patients.

Dr. Alessandro Orsini is a specialist in orthodontics and a certified Invisalign®and thanks to his vast experience, we are able to obtain excellent results with young patients who could have a difficult approach to the dentist.

Please do not hesitate to contact Toia Dental Clinic regarding this specific matter in the person of Dr. Alessandro Orsini.

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