Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery carries out dental extractions, root residues, removal of roots or embedded or semi – embedded teeth into the jaw bone; removal of the apex of the tooth which, due to inflammation, cannot be treated with only endodontics, removal of cysts and small neoplasms in the oral cavity, elevation of the floor of the maxillary sinus with bone grafts or biomaterials with the implant prosthetic method, healthy teeth extraction in cases of dental crowding for a correct orthodontic therapy.

It also includes implantology and surgery performed as pre-implant bone-like reconstructive surgery, bone grafts with the patient’s bones or synthetic bone, bone regeneration through the use of membranes.

The oral surgeon is a dentist who earned a postgraduate qualification in oral surgery. He/she is a member of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists of the province where he/she practises.

Dr Marco Toia is an expert in all surgery.

The oral surgeon has an additional specializations in complex extractions of teeth embedded in the jaw bone, in the removal of neoplasms in the oral cavity, in endodontic surgery (apicoectomies), in orthodontic surgery (disimpaction of the teeth especially in young people), in elevation of the floor of the maxillary sinus, in bone and tissue grafting as pre-implant or pre-prosthetic and in general implantology.

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