Oral Hygiene And Teeth Whitening

Oral hygiene means all the manoeuvers carried out by the practitioner (dentist, dental hygienist) in order to remove all the debris accumulated over time due to the impossibility of home oral hygiene procedures which may not be totally effective.

Obviously, if we add insufficient IOD both qualitatively and quantitatively, the conditions of oral hygiene could be inadequate to maintain a suitable level of oral health.

The professional oral hygiene and tooth cleaning procedures are different:

  • Tartar ablation: removal of the above gingival tartar;
  • Polish: polishing of tooth surfaces by means of prophylaxis paste;
  • Root smoothing: removal of sub gingival tartar at the level of periodontal pockets, under local anaesthic;
  • Open root surgery smoothening: similar to the previous one but with prior deviation of the gingiva/gum of the underlying bone surfaces. This practice is necessary if the periodontal pockets reach a deep enough point to prevent a complete cleaning with previous methods;
  • Topical fluoride application: it consists of a dense paste for topical fluoridation of the tooth enamel in order to increase the resistance to tooth decay;
  • Home oral hygiene education: instructions for proper brushing and maintenance of oral health are given;

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