The Gnathology Dentistry is a specialty that studies the physiology, pathology and function of the jaw (chewing, swallowing, phonation, posture) and therefore, studies the relationship between the jaws, teeth, left and right temporomandibular joints (the muscles that move the jaws and the nervous system that controls those muscles, including the tongue).

From these related areas of interest one understands how the postural gnathology is connected directly to the tooth occlusion and can have an effect on the global posture of the person.

The mandibular position, in relation to the skull, determines the onset or aggravation of existing diseases which can also involve not only the chewing system but also the muscles and bone structures of the skull and in rare cases even the entire body muscles through the so-called ascending / descending syndromes.

To this purpose acrylic resin artifacts “Bite” are made to reposition the lower jaw while producing a muscular relaxation of the mastication muscles and all other affected muscles.

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