Facial And Smile Cosmetics

Facial and smile cosmetics are the rehabilitation of the front, top and bottom teeth, obtained through multiple treatment:

1) All-ceramic veneers re-shape the patient’s teeth and support the surrounding soft tissues (lips and vermilion), restoring the shine and the vitality, thanks to the use of new ceramics, which can have shades of increasingly clear white.

2) Dental-skeletal rehabilitation recondition of all the collapsed perioral muscles due to the atrophy of the alveolar process of the jaw arch, consequently giving support, vitality and developing a harmonic function. Restoring this function, perioral wrinkles are partially eliminated thanks to the new tropism given by the dental-skeletal prosthesis or the dental or implant support.

A patient, who wants to go to a plastic and cosmetic surgeon for facial cosmetics, is highly recommended to carry out a previous oral visit.

The dental rehabilitation is the first compensation to be done and, once the muscles become more familiar with the new oral situation, you can turn to an expert who could also resolve the new situation by treating the perioral tissues differently.

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