Composition Dental Implants

The Dental Implants are nothing new in dental care. They were used as a permanent way to replace teeth after the mid-60s, as well as for the care of total “edentulous” in the upper and lower jaw.

Dental implants used in our Clinic are supplied by Dentsply©, who have 20 years of history in this field and are constantly developing and updating their products.


How many parts does a dental implant consist of?

Titanium implant: a new root for a new tooth.

A “dental implant” is the titanium screw inserted into the bone and forming the basis of the implant. Titanium is a metal which is accepted by the body and, as fully documented, it also grows together with bone tissue.

The abutment ensures a perfect fixing  and as a support is a ceramic or titanium component which is screwed on the implant and allows the subsequent cementation of the crown ensuring a perfect and long-lasting seal.

Crowns, bridges or total prosthesis

Once the dental implant and the abutment are fixed, the crown and a bridge with several teeth  are put in place. Instead, in the case of the entire upper or lower jaw, the full prosthesis is implanted. Regardless of the procedure and the type of implant, you can count on teeth that will remain stable and in the correct position forever.

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