Dental Implants/Implantology

Trust your mouth! Chew, talk, laugh, smile and cry! Have the courage to be yourself and express your feelings. You can trust your dental implants using them as natural teeth.

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More and more people are finding that dental implants give them sensations and functionalities comparable to natural teeth.

Why not consider dental implants instead of other solutions

Dental implants have many advantages compared to the traditional crown and bridge solutions. Here are some good reasons to choose dental implants surgery:

  • Dental implants have the same function and aspect of natural teeth.
  • To support dental implants it is not necessary to operate on healthy teeth.
  • The anchoring of dental implants stimulates bone tissue and gums, ensuring an attractive aesthetic appearance and helping to maintain your physiognomy.
  • Dental implants do not require adhesive pastes to set your teeth and eliminate the discomfort and insecurity arising from old unstable teeth.
  • By doing this you will ensure a stable, durable and above all permanent solution.


Dental implant solutions for any need

The dental implant is the best solution in the case of the lack of one or more teeth. The implants can be used for different needs. Anyone can get teeth with the same aspect and function of natural teeth. An important prerequisite is that the bone tissue is fully developed. This is why dental implants are not normally applied in people under the age of 18 years.

Replacing a single tooth »

A crown mounted on an implant is the ideal choice in the case of a tooth lacking in the upper or lower jaw. The dental implant allows you to eat, laugh and smile naturally.

Replacing several teeth »

The lack of more teeth can compromise the ability to speak and chew. In this case there are two solutions: 1) use separate crowns on dental implants or 2) use a bridge fixed on two or more implants.

Replacing all teeth »

If you have lost all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, dental implants are the best solution. You can choose, for example, a complete bridge fixed on several dental implants, or a total prosthesis fixed by means of anchoring devices in two or more points.

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