Conservative Dentistry

The Dentistry, also called conservative dentistry, particularly concerns the care of the teeth, and most specifically the decayed ones. The procedures for the treatment of decayed teeth, and the decay removal is carried out with the use of specific materials and procedures.

We can generally define the decays as two types: superficial or deep.

In the case of superficial decay, the dental procedure implies the removal of a part of the enamel and of the dentine affected by the decay, then after which the tooth is filled with high aesthetic quality specific materials.

The use of silver amalgam has now been replaced by composite materials and thanks to their adhesive properties this permits the preparation of less wide decays than those treated with the amalgam, subsequently providing greater resistance and an appreciated aesthetic value.

To the contrary, in the cases of deep decays, very often the pulp of the tooth is involved, which often causes pain because it contains nerve fibres. In such cases the dental procedure requires a root canal cure commonly called devitalization.

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