Brush after meals? They risk serious damage!

Those who cannot even wait for a minute after a meal and run to the bathroom giving in to the lure of the toothpaste, make a mistake. Take what’s the dentists’ word for it. As otherwise said by the results of a research, going straight from the fork to the toothbrush to brush your teeth […]

Teeth Whitening DIY? Do not be dazzled!

Sbiancamento Denti

An EU directive sets the content of the peroxide to 0.1%, but in Italy things are different. Who does not like having a dazzling and bright smile? A possible dream for many, thanks to the modern techniques of professional teeth whitening carried out in a dental clinic. Others, instead, resort to do-it-yourself methods, from toothpaste […]

The economic downturn makes one’s teeth grind: Bruxism Boom


Due to the pressing economic crisis workers grind their teeth. Not as a sign of defiance, but literally. In fact there is a boom of new cases of bruxism with an exponential increase of the problems met by those who grind their teeth during sleep, the experts declare in an article published in the British […]